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One place. Everything you’ll need to turn ideas into stories.

Need an award-winning team to tell your story? We’ve got that. Need a state-of-the-art green screen studio? We’ve got that, too.

Short, serial, or long-form. Audio or video. Animation or live action. From pre-production, casting, recording, and shooting to editing, post-production and final file delivery, Prime Time Media is an award-winning, full-service broadcast production company. Working in concert with our communications divisions, PTM is your best partner to ensure every project is produced with the highest level of craft, efficiency, and respect for the concept.

Studio Rental

  • Control room, desk space, green room, editing suite

  • Chroma-key and virtual set productions and autocue

  • Ceiling lighting grid with fluorescent and led lights controlled from the control room

  • Multiple studios and sets for a variety of productions

  • Optional crew and professional equipment gear rental

  • Free parking available with advance studio bookings

  • Professional crew for location shoots and production

  • One to one interview

  • Bloggers and influencers special studios

  • One host and 2 guests

  • Fully connected to control room, and possibility to connect with guests in studios and outside the studios over social media and apps, or by sending our own professional crew to other locations

Virtual studio/ Green Room

  • Green screen in production opens up a world of endless possibilities without ever leaving the studio.

  • We have one of the widest green screen in DC. We can lay subjects onto virtual backgrounds, place them over animated digital backdrops or transport them to a totally different place.

  • It will help take your videos to the next level. Through the magic of visual effects and latest technology.

Areas of expertise

  • Product videos : food, how to, fashion, news, etc.

  • Corporate marketing videos

  • Documentaries

  • TV shows

  • Commercial ads

  • Testimonial videos

  • Bloggers and influencers

  • Educational & training videos

  • 2D & 3D animated videos

  • Logos & branding

DTL room

  • Suitable for live performances, shows

  • Webcast live to your audience

  • Record in advance & stream later

  • Combine on location and remote contribution

The path from strategy to story.

Whether you just want to record a voice-over, or you need help developing weekly programming for broadcast, Prime Time Media has everything to bring your creative vision to life. We have the people and we have the technology to lead you through any, or every, stage of the creative development and production process.

Concept Development

Script and story development